Monday, April 30, 2012

President urges all citizens to abide by the law

Speaking at the function to launch the civic education campaign, President Dr Mohamed Waheed has urged all citizens to abide by the law. He added that just punishment should be given to those who commit crimes.

The civic education campaign is organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs, in collaboration with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and the Ministry of Education. The camping is a six month long campaign.

Stressing the importance of a civic education campaign, President Waheed noted that the campaign include cultivation of knowledge, building a peaceful environment for all as well as creating awareness on human rights.

He said the civic education campaign was necessary to encourage communal activities and to increase people’s participation in building responsible citizens for community development. He, therefore, urged all government offices to give full cooperation to make this campaign a success.

The President further called on all teachers and principals to set themselves as examples to students.

Iranian Ambassador calls on the President

Ambassador of Iran accredited to the Maldives, Mohammed Nabi Hassani-Pour, has today paid a courtesy call on President Dr Mohamed Waheed. The meeting was held at the President’s Office.

At the meeting, discussions were held on the close bilateral relations between the two countries, and ways to further strengthen the mutual cooperation.

The President expressed his gratitude to the Iranian government’s continuous support in improving the economic situation of the Maldives.

Source: The President's Office

Monday, April 23, 2012

President ratifies Prevention of Domestic Violence Bill

President Dr Mohamed Waheed has today ratified the Prevention of Domestic Violence Bill, which was passed by the People’s Majlis on 9 April. Following ratification, the bill has been published in the Government Gazette.

The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act defines domestic violence as violence against a person by any other person with whom that person is, or has been, in a domestic relationship.

The Act provides for the protection of victims of domestic violence and seeks to punish the perpetrators of such crimes.

Some of the objectives which the Act seeks to achieve include:
- to declare all acts of domestic violence as a punishable crime
- give protection and safety to victims of domestic violence
- give cost-effective, due and timely justice to victims of domestic violence
- conduct programmes for victims of domestic violence
- take all necessary steps to prevent domestic violence and to rehabilitate perpetrators
- facilitate the implementation of court orders and orders from other law enforcement authorities to prevent domestic violence

A Family Protection Authority has been formed under the Act. The Authority shall function under the supervision of a 7 member board.

Speaking after ratification of the Bill, President Waheed announced that he would soon appoint members to the board. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Exposing Poll Results

Date Created: 2nd April 2011
Poll Tallied: 21st April 2012
Poll Title: Do you think homosexuality should be legal in the Maldives?
Asked by Fan'diyaaru Kakuni

Total votes cast: 727
Yes: 153
No: 115
Sentence them to death!: 450
Jail/Banish them: 09

And there you have it.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shit Gets Real After Woman Dies from AIDS

Stakeholders have raised concern about the status of HIV/AIDS in the Maldives after a young woman's recent death from AIDS. 

A person who has information told "Haveeru" that the status of HIV/AIDS in the Maldives got more serious after the death of the young woman aged under 30 years. This is the main concern raised by the stakeholders.

"The HIV status of the Maldives has changed". A person who closely knows the woman told "Haveeru".

A reference to change in the HIV/AIDS status of the Maldives actually means that the number of persons infected have risen. 

Thirteen Maldivians have died from AIDS to date.

The case of the young woman is considered serious as her wanton lifestyle is believed to have put many other Maldives at risk. 

"Haveeru" has come to know that the young woman was a recovering addict and kept sexual relations with various persons. 

No official authorities have so far commented on the young woman's death. 

However people who shared information with "Haveeru" about her said that the "risk of the virus getting into other people's bodies were high". 

"Haveeru" has come to know that the young woman was summoned to the police four or five days before her death over  drug charge. 

Some officials in the health sector said that they are now screening potential sexual partners of the young woman in order to establish whether the virus has spread.

Translated from Haveeru by Tharujamaanu

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Growing Lesbianism

I mentioned in my previous post about the increasing number of Lesbians in Maldives. One of the reasons for this increase maybe due to the nature of schooling given when a girl or boy grew up in Maldives. The two main government run institutions in Maldivies followed a strict dose of singularity in regard to same sex education.
The most common reason given for this singularity is Religion and the thought of keeping those budding young men and women off each other at the height of their sexuality.

This worked fine on paper. But as time and time again and as Dr. Boyard Farmer and Al Ahemedia Kurfian remarked in their respective papers, single sex schools lead to a situtation where the budding sexually ripe children are removed from their natural counterparts and are thrust into the arms of wanton need for their classmates (of same sex). This leads to the rise of early homosexuality (both male and female in every instance where it was observed and recorded).

Richard Elfus did a very detailed study of this phenenomeon and he concurred from his oberservations that out of 500 schools he sampled ( half of which was coed and half single sex). He found that the number of homosexual activies in noncoed school were almost 480% more than that on the coed. His report also stressed that one out of every 2 kids in the non-coed schools had some type of sexual encounter before they reached the age of 12 (and coitation by 16 with the same sex on 70% of the cases) as compaired to 1 out of every 10 children in the coed schools and a 1.5% homosexual realtions in coed's sampled. This lead him to conclude that single sex schools was actually having the exect opposit effort that they were supposed to give. Also the coeducated students sampled were on the average much brighter with an average IQ almost 10 points over that of the single sex students.

This works with Majeediyaa and Aminiya as well. More homosexuality was made at both these insititutes combined that in any where else on Maldivian soil. I am deeply disturbed by this trend and was hoping that by going into a coed mode this distrubing trend could be sliced in half and stuffed out of existance.

On the idea of dividing the schools into 4 different ones. I would go with it if they were all coed. And privitazed. Also conformity is an issue here. Maldivian kids are not given the chance to be unique, they are all moulded into the same white uniform wearing parrots that their brothers, father and mother were. They all grow up in a singularity where they think of the same thing. They are never given the chance to progress in their own uniqueness and experiement their own creativeness and artistic abilities. What I'm stressing is that conformity is a bad thing, and that if these 4 schools are made, conformity should be killed. Uniforms should be abolished and a more restrictive and friendly environment given.


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